Паша гармонист - Презентация мастеровой гармони. КРАСИВЫЕ МЕЛОДИИ НА ГАРМОШКЕ.

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Опубликован в 18 Oct 2020 / в под Гармошку

Паша гармонист - Презентация мастеровой гармони (МАСТЕР ВОЛОШИН). Играй гармонь. Играй гармонь любимая. Продам гармонь. Мастеровые гармони. Гармонист. Музыка для души.
Мой канал - https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UC2t-KIeiwApdMWBeA

The main theme of the channel is a song to the Russian harmonica. My channel is not only for fans to play the harmonica, but also for those people whom the voice of this beautiful instrument does not leave indifferent. My channel for people who go through life with a song. I want to wake up the kindest, brightest, human feelings by my songs. You will find awesome tunes, sincere melodies, author’s modern songs and songs that are passed from mouth to mouth on my channel.
My channel is one of the ways to introduce the origins of folk culture to the young generation. My harmonica and my songs will give you a charge of vivacity and good mood!
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